Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Design by Definition.

Above- Ade Omoloja: Design Photographer for 2020visionng
Photo EO.

It's the sixth edition of the London Design Festival and this will be our third year of attending the event.
This year, our trip is powered by Interswitch, the Nigerian company that has redesigned our transaction lifestyle in Nigeria.

Like the 2020team, Interswitch has designed goals towards our nation's vision of the year 2020 and they are deliberately taking steps towards achieving those goals. See Interswitch website for more details see: http://www.interswitchng.com/you/index.aspx

This is the theory of design: to achieve a desired end by deliberate planning and action.
Dictionary.com describes design as: adaptation of means to a preconceived end; to assign in thought or intention; purpose; to form or conceive in the mind; contrive, plan; to intend for a definite purpose.

As the nation makes it's plans for the year 2020, Interswitch in collaboration with the 2020visionng team are making deliberate efforts to design a plan for human capital development in Nigeria.The London Design Festival is a magnet for the best of creative genius from around the world. 2020visionng will spotlight the Nigerian and some African designers who are key players on the global platform.

Stay tuned for more interviews and profiles of Nigerian designers in graphics, picture making, fashion and architecture from the London Design Festival on 2020visionng.

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